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Analyse, reveal patterns, and gain insights

At Spicule we take great pride in developing easy to use, customisable, flexible data platforms.

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About us

Spicule offers industry leading consultancy in the world of data-centric devops and systems automation.

Spicule have developed Anssr, a collection of BI solutions that provide an architecture for businesses to analyse, reveal patterns and gain insights into their company data.

Getting started with Anssr

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  • Data analytics
  • Enterprise search
  • Scalable system designs
  • Data service deployments
  • Automation processes


  • Tom Barber

    Founder & CEO
  • Breno Polanski

    Head of development
  • Stephen Downie

    Technical project manager


Saiku Drill

Combining Saiku Analytics with the scalable power of Apache Drill, we enable users to query a multitude of data sources. Apache Drill & Saiku are a perfect combination for enterprise scale data discovery.

  • Data from SQL databases, CSV, JSON, or Hadoop
  • Combine in a single view
  • Saiku Dashboard Designer – reporting without code.

Drill Hadoop

Processing data at scale can be a trick proposition. But using the Drill and Hadoop bundle, it becomes easy to deploy Hadoop at scale, and connect your favourite BI tool to the platform.

  • JDBC and ODBC interfaces
  • SQL compliant
  • Highly scalable
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